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Recommendation: Spot Color & Developer Color Picker

Name: Spot Color
Supplier: Zach Waugh
URL: http://zachwaugh.com/spotcolor/
Price: $0.00

Name: Developer Color Picker
Supplier: Wade Cosgrove
URL: http://www.panic.com/~wade/picker/
Price: $0.00

Spot Color is a small application that simply allows you to access the standard Mac OS X color picker as a stand-alone application. I was endlessly loading or switching applications to access the color picker so discovering this application was a huge relief and will save me endless amounts of frustration.

What makes Spot Color even better is Wade Cosgrove’s Developer Color Picker which makes it a snap to generate NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS and HTML color declarations. I’ve just started doing a lot of work with Core Animation layers and being able to generate CGColorRefs quickly and easily is simply wonderful.

In addition to creating wonderful, free tools for other developers, Zach has released the source for Spot Color on GitHub. You can find it at http://github.com/zachwaugh/SpotColor.