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Indie iBooks Publishing - Updated

Matt Gemmell noticed a change in the information given on Apple’s page about iBook.

Apparently, “The iBooks app uses the ePub format — the most popular open book format in the world. That makes it easy for publishers to create iBooks versions of your favorite reads. And you can add free ePub titles to iTunes and sync them to the iBooks app on your iPad.”

Great news.

This is an update to my previous article about iBooks.


Indie iBooks Publishing 

Update: Please see the additional good new in this post.

One of the main functions of the the iPad is that of an eBook reader. To quote Apple, “The iBooks app is a great new way to read and buy books. Download the free app from the App Store and buy everything from classics to best sellers from the built-in iBookstore.”

This implies that iBooks documents will only be available via the iBookstore which is a shame because I’d like to see a way for individuals and organisations to publish and distribute their own iBooks documents. For example, as a software developer I could create an iBooks version of my application’s user guide and my customers can load it onto their iPad and have the guide right where they expect it. Similarly schools could generate their own iBooks content and distribute them to their students.

How cool would it be to be able to drag an iBooks document into iTunes and then be able to sync it onto your iPad. Even better, allow iBooks documents to be emailed to you on the device and have iBooks import them.

Apple even have the perfect means to allow people to generate iBooks applications: Pages. I’d love to see both the Mac and iPad versions of Pages include an ‘Export to iBooks’ option.

The reason this may never happen: piracy. It would be really easy for people to convert existing eBooks into iBooks documents and distribute them and this is something the publishers would hate to see happen (understandably really).